Duram Durabak is a versatile, non-slip polyurethane bakkie liner for the load beds and tail lifts of bakkies, 4×4’s, trucks and trailers.  It can also be used to create non-slip walkways, stairs and ramps.  The polyurethane formula provides ultimate toughness, offering protection from abrasion, corrosion, weather, chemicals and solvents.  It has an attractive, textured finish that will not chip, flake or peel, even with impact.  Available in a convenient spray- or brush-on format, this single pack polyurethane coating is ready to use, easy to apply and fast drying.


Product uses

  • Ideal to coat load beds and tail lifts of trucks, bakkies and trailers.
  • Offers protection on 4×4’s.
  • Creates non-slip walkways, stairs and ramps.

  • Creates non-slip areas for wheelchair access, emergency exits, fire escapes and around machinery.
  • Provides non-slip areas for boats, showers and change room floors.



  • Attractive non-slip finish.
  • Polyurethane performance – ultimate toughness.
  • Ready to use and easy to apply – no skilled labour required.
  • Save money compared to dealer-installed bed liners.
  • Fast drying.

  • Excellent resistance to abrasion, chemicals and solvents.
  • Weather resistant.
  • Prevents rust.
  • Flexible – won’t chip, flake or peel.
  • Will not taint water or food once cured.
  • Can be overcoated.
  • Repairable – bonds to itself.



4m² per litre per coat. Applied in a 2 coat application. Giving an overall coverage of 2m² per litre.

4L covers approximately 1 short wheel base bakkie.


Available sizes

Brush on – 1L, 4L DIY Kit
Spray on – 1L







While Duram makes every effort to ensure that paint colours match those shown on this website, variations will occur due to different computer screens. Please see in store swatches for more accurate colours. To ensure consistency of sheen and colour, always check that paint containers carry the same batch number.


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