Optima Coatings offers specialised industrial coatings for high risk environments and technical on site services for the professional specifier and applier. Please contact our Technical Helpline to arrange for an Optima Coatings Sales Consultant to conduct a site inspection and assessment prior to purchasing. This service is free and is highly recommended, as each case needs to be assessed to obtain optimal results.

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Optima Coatings has developed smart products for every waterproofing need. Using the latest waterproofing knowledge and technology, with our international partners we have developed acrylic, polyurethane and bitumen based solutions for all industrial applications including factory roofs, flat roof structures, walls, commercial buildings, steel structures, dams, storage tanks and everything in between.

Metal Coatings

Protective coatings engineered specifically for metal by our specialist team, the range includes specialised industrial coatings for high risk environments such as industrial steel framing, mines, railway signaling equipment, railway stations, metal bridges, metal tanks and telephone towers. Including water-based, epoxy and polyurethane systems, Optima Coatings offers a complete metal coatings solution.


Optima Coatings range of unique flooring products were developed as a complete solution for the prepping, priming, and protecting of indoor or outdoor floors. We also offer low to high build, smooth and non-slip coatings to ensure application that is fit for the specific purpose, whether needed in workshops or storerooms, factories or warehouses, on balconies, as well as various other high traffic areas.


Our automotive coatings provide the ultimate protection for your car, bakkie, truck, bus or trailer, or anywhere a tough, protective or non-slip polyurethane or acrylic coating is required. Optima Coatings automotive coatings are easy to apply and offer great protection from the elements, as well as from abrasion and chemical splashes.


Optima Coatings range of specialist products was developed to provide expert solutions to specific needs, ensuring optimal performance in the environment it is meant for. The range includes cleaners, primers and other specialist products.


The Optima Coatings range of concrete repair products and additives were developed to maintain and protect concrete structures of all types. The range includes various repair mortars with fibre reinforced polymers, waterproofing cement additives, grouting and bonding agents.

Joint Sealants

Optima Coatings offers a complete range of high performance sealants, grouting and bonding products that have been developed using the latest technology. The range includes joint sealant primers, joint sealants and filling pastes, joint fillers, grouts, injection resins and bonding agents.

Protective Coatings

The Optima Coatings range of quality protective coatings, including silanes and acrylics, were developed to extend the lifespan of the coated substrate, largely by limiting carbonation and chloride attack.