Whether you want to keep water in or out, you want a product that does the job properly. Duram has developed smart products for every waterproofing need. Using the latest waterproofing knowledge and technology, we have developed acrylic, polyurethane and bitumen-based solutions for roofs, walls, dams, ponds and everything in between.

Metal Coatings

Whether you intend to eliminate rust, or protect and beautify your metal, Duram has it all. Engineered for metal by our specialist team, the range includes rust removers, metal cleaners, primers and topcoats. From all-in-one direct to metal products offering convenience, to a complete semi-industrial coatings solution to protect all metal surfaces.


Duram’s premium decorative paint products were developed to both beautify and protect interior walls, exterior walls, trims and roofs. Because they are waterbased, these smart paints are easy to apply and the painted surfaces durable and easy to maintain.


Duram Showfloor is a range of superior products developed as a complete, easy to use solution for the prepping and painting of indoor or outdoor commercial and residential cement floors, with a durable, luxurious finish.


Duram’s automotive coatings provide the ultimate protection for your car, bakkie, truck or trailer, or anywhere a tough, protective or non-slip coating is required. These coatings are easy to apply and offer great protection from corrosion, heat, abrasion and chemical splashes.


Duram’s range of specialist products were developed to provide expert solutions to specific needs, ensuring optimal performance in the environment it’s meant for. The range includes our nourishing wood preserver, our highly effective, multi-purpose paint stripper and our non-toxic, easy to use plaster bonding liquid.