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Bold reds can invigorate a space and when used sparingly can create a real impact that is both passionate and sophisticated. Reds also are thought to stimulate the appetite and heighten your senses, perfect for making a statement in your dining room, kitchen and highly active spaces like gyms or play areas.

Reds Reds Reds
110-5 Summer Grace
110-6 Spring Blossom
118-5 Royal Raquel
118-6 Wishful Wisteria
115-6 Spring Cosmos
114-6 Sunburnt Nose
119-6 Strawberry Hills
188-6 Tango Red

These colours are available for colour tinting, using high performance pigments and top quality tint bases. More colours are available on the Duram Colour Wall at your local hardware store.

(*) Disclaimer
While Duram makes every effort to ensure that colours shown on this website, match paint colours as closely as possible, variations may occur due to a variety of factors. Always paint a test patch of the selected colour on your wall. For consistency of sheen and colour, always check that paint containers carry the same batch number. For colour accuracy, long-term performance and to maintain the product guarantee, only Duram colourants together with Duram tint bases must be used.