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Fibre-Reinforced Acrylic Waterproofing

A premium fibre-reinforced acrylic waterproofer used to bridge fine hairline cracks without the need for a separate reinforcing membrane, on parapets, wall and chimney cappings, gutters and roof screws.

Product Uses

Bridges fine hairline cracks on parapets, wall and chimney cappings, gutters and roof screws.


  • Convenient membrane-free application - simply brush on quickly and easily.
  • The fibres make it a tough, durable and flexible waterproofer.
  • Non-drip with excellent adhesion.
  • Can be topcoated with Duram roof or decorative paints, or used as a final coat.
  • *Fish and plant friendly, so you can use it in your pond.
  • Water-based - application tools are easy to clean with water


This product has a 12 year Quality Guarantee.

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Standard Colours

This product is available on shelf in carefully selected classic standard colours for your convenience.*

  • Black
  • Mineral White
  • Terracotta
  • Charcoal
  • Red
  • Grey
  • Green

(*) Disclaimer

While Duram makes every effort to ensure that colours shown on this website, match paint colours as closely as possible, variations may occur due to a variety of factors. Always paint a test patch of the selected colour on your wall. For consistency of sheen and colour, always check that paint containers carry the same batch number.

  • 0.5m² per litre per coat. Applied in a 2 coat application.
  • Coverage will vary depending on the porosity and profile of the surface.

Available Sizes

1L and 5L