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Duram Smart Paint

Duram is a leading South African manufacturer of smart paint. With over 35 years’ experience in producing hardwearing specialist waterproofing, metal coatings and roof paints, we now offer an attractive range of interior and exterior decorative paints in every colour choice.
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Preparation Products

Proper preparation and priming of a surface offers the best base for a long lasting paint finish.

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Interior Paints

Our collection of decorative wall paints provide luxurious finishes in any colour, bringing incomparable elegance to every space.

Interior Paints

Exterior Paints

Expertly formulated and guaranteed to last, our collection of exterior wall paints will keep your home beautiful for years to come.

Exterior Paints

Specialist Paints

From waterproofing and metal coatings to floor paints, wood care and automotive, these specialist coatings ensure optimal performance in the environment it’s meant for.

Specialist Paints
Smart Paint underpinned by expert formulations, guaranteed value and service excellence.