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Our colours

Our colours feature a well balanced and considered colour palette representing all the colour families. There is a good mix of classic colours and fashionable modern colours, from soft pastels to saturated accents. Whether you're hoping to create a relaxed and calm mood or something more playful, energising and passionate, we have the perfect colour to set the right mood, and reflect your personal style.

HABITAT Colour Collection

Introducing Duram’s new collection of 90 beautiful designer colours.

Duram Smart Paints


Choose brown neutrals to ground a space for warmth and comfort.

Duram Smart Paints


Classic, refined greys form a neutral backdrop to help create a restful mood.

Duram Smart Paints


Inviting and comforting blues renew bedrooms, living rooms and bathrooms.

Duram Smart Paints


Transform bathrooms, bedrooms and living rooms into tranquil and natural spaces.

Duram Smart Paints


Uplifting and cheerful yellows are ideal for kitchens and living rooms

Duram Smart Paints


Oranges bring energy and creativity to work spaces and kitchens.

Duram Smart Paints


Passionate and sophisticated reds are perfect for dining rooms, play areas or gyms.

Duram Smart Paints


Purple brings luxury and elegance to bedrooms and work spaces.

Duram Smart Paints