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Strictly Silver | 140-2

Colour Families

Our range of colours feature a well-balanced and considered palette representing all the Colour Families.


Classic greys form a neutral backdrop to help create a restful mood.

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Earthy browns anchor a space and create a sense of warmth and comfort.

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Calming blues refresh bedrooms, bathrooms and areas of relaxation.

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Revitalizing greens transform rooms into tranquil and balanced spaces.

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Uplifting and cheerful yellows are ideal for kitchens and living rooms.

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Orange brings energy and creativity to workplaces and kitchens.

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Stimulating reds are perfect for dining rooms, play areas or gyms.

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Purple brings luxury and elegance to bedrooms and workspaces.

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250ml Colour Samples are available from any of our Colour Tinting Stockists.

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Duram's richly pigmented Platinum and Classic Collections of interior and exterior paints provide exceptional depth of colour, luxurious finishes and superior long-lasting results that always look smart.

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Duram’s decorative interior and exterior wall paints can be colour tinted in select hardware stores. Concentrated, high performance colourants and tighty controlled tint bases are used to ensure excellent colour accuracy and consistency.

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