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Multi-surface Primer and Topcoat

A 2-in-1 water-based primer and topcoat that can be applied direct onto multiple substrates with extreme adhesion. Now available in tint bases.

Product Uses

For interior and exterior use.
Primer and topcoat for direct application onto difficult substrates.
Ceramic tiles.
Melamine, Masonite and Formica.
Aluminium and galvanized iron.
Glass and PVC.
Wood and MDF.
Cement plaster, fibre-cement, concrete, brickwork and composite boards.
Enamel paint, varnish and polyurethane.


  • Dual Action - cross-linking primer and protective topcoat in one.
  • Direct application to multiple and difficult substrates.
  • Optimum coverage, obliteration and adhesion.
  • Hardwearing – scratch, stain, UV- and weather-resistant.
  • Quick drying which means rapid re-entry into room after painting.
  • Excellent flow and levelling for a smooth, medium sheen finish.
  • Low splatter and easy application with brush, roller or spray.
  • Saves time and labour.
  • Optimised for colour - tint to any colour.


Colour Tinting

This product is available for colour tinting, using high performance pigments and top quality tint bases. Simply pick your colour from the Duram Colour Wall and the Colour Tinting Consultant at the paint counter will provide you with the finished product.*

(*) Disclaimer

Always paint a test patch of the selected colour on your wall. For consistency of sheen and colour, always check that paint containers carry the same batch number. For colour accuracy, long-term performance and to maintain the product guarantee, only Duram colourants together with Duram tint bases must be used.

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2 coats @ 8 – 10 m² per litre per coat.  Depending on surface conditions. Highly porous surfaces require an additional coat.

Available Sizes

1L and 5L